Hi, I'm Lara.

Welcome to my blog!  I started blogging in 2007.  I was fresh out of college with an English degree, and I was living in Kolkata, India.  It seemed a good time to start a blog.  People at home wanted to know how I was, and I wanted to tell.  Soon, the blog became more than letters home -- it became a place to process, to understand, to remember.

A lot has changed since 2007.  I moved home to the Midwest.  I taught school.  I quit teaching school.  I got married to Aaron, a most patient and understanding man.   We started a job with K-Life, a youth discipleship program.

Three and a half years into our marriage, a tiny little life was given to us.  Our first baby, Anna Hope, was born September 4, 2013.  I kept blogging, recording each season as it came.

Small.  Everyday.  Normal.


That first day in India, I sat in a crowded internet cafe in front of a giant monitor.  I drummed my fingers on the desk and wondered what to call this thing.  I remembered a song by Waterdeep called "Everyone's Beautiful."

"Still they were beautiful, everyone's beautiful, all of us crawling on hands and knees in need of Him."

I was surrounded by poverty, need, dirt, and heartache.  Humanity's enormous need for Christ raged in front of me.  Yet still.  Still we are beautiful.  Because of our own efforts?  No.  Because His image mark is on each of us, and His tenacious grace chases and changes us: we are beggars made beautiful by His love.

Jesus Christ makes all things beautiful.  I found that truth in India, and I believe it now, five years later.

So here I am, telling the everyday story of my life.  Some days it's funny, some days it's heavy, some days it's just a pretty picture.

He's in it all, redeeming, reworking, renewing.  And I'm desperate to never forget:

The story is all about Him.