Thursday, August 13, 2015

Did She Say Days... or Weeks?

It's been so long since I've been here that my internet browser didn't even recognize my blog address as I typed it in.  You know how Google Chrome pulls up a drop-down list of sites you often visit after you've typed in the first few letters of the web address?  Didn't happen.  I half expected the blog to load with a big "Out of Service" sign plastered across the front page.

Here's what happened.  I'm sure you can guess, as it is exactly what happened the last time I went blog-missing (though this absence has been much longer).  We got pregnant in December, and just like my pregnancy with Anna, I got really sick.  This time it lasted longer and harder.  A lot of throwing up, a lot of lying on the couch watching Aaron cook and do the dishes, a lot of sitting in the rocker in Anna's room while she ran around.  Eventually, I started feeling a bit better, but then it was time to plant a garden, and then we took a trip to England, and well, life with a toddler????  (All the mamas nod in agreement.)  It's been all I can do this pregnancy to keep up with Anna and daily chores around the house.

But, I have missed this spot.  Tonight, I decided that I had to write at least once before baby boy makes his debut, which could be anytime in the next three weeks.

At my last doctor's appointment, after she told me I was dilated a teensy bit and that baby had definitely dropped, she pulled off her gloves and casually said, "But you're still tucked in up there, so I'd give you a few more days at least."

Ever since then, I have been wondering if she really said days...or did she say weeks and I wishfully heard days?  Or did she say days, but it was a mistake, and she meant weeks?  Or did she really and truly mean that she thinks this baby will come busting out in a FEW DAYS???

Do you see my predicament?

Obviously, there is nothing to do but spend every free minute I have lying under the ceiling fan and pondering the nuances of my doctor's last words to me.

Because if there are two things you'll never hear a 37 1/2 week pregnant woman say, they are:

1.  "Wow, is it cold in here?"
2.  "Oh, I really don't care when this baby comes."