Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Days

I've never been good at blogging during the summer.

There is only so much sunshine in a year, you know?  And during the summer, we live outside, we go on trips, we welcome friends for weekend visits, and at night, the whir of the ceiling fan draws us into our bed early.

It's so good.  Summer always gives us the room to slow down and just be.

The garden is bountiful, though we are not without our share of farmer troubles.  The peppers have a fungal blight, and our patty pan sqaush plant produced odd, oblong, green pumpkinish fruits...not quite what we were hoping for.  Did we have cross pollinated seeds?  I don't know. Nonetheless, we've got cucumbers and zucchini galore, enough eggplant to satisfy, and the tomatoes are creeping up to an riotous explosion soon.

We've been reading more, sinking into our spots on the couch as soon as Anna is tucked away in her crib for the night. A glass of ice water, a good book, my husband beside me.  In my world, there's not a better way to spend a summer night.  Cool nights, we've hefted the windows open, (we we both prefer unless it is blazing hot) and the sounds of crickets and cicadas and the whiff of a neighbor's cut grass drift in.  Ahh, summer.

Friends from Topeka came two weeks ago, and a dear friend from Afghanistan (home on a visit) came last week.  We've cooked pizza and Turkish lahmacun, mixed scones and pancakes, torn through cartons of ice cream and pitchers of tea.  We've visited my family in Arkansas and Aaron's family in Kansas City.  We're home now for a month, and the number one priority?  Get our precious girl on a good sleep schedule.

It's summer.  And I'm loving every day of it.

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