Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pancakes for Dad

She woke up early.  6:00 used to be standard waking time for me, and I met the world cheerfully and expectantly.  Now at that hour, I roll over and shake Aaron's shoulder.  "She's awake."

But it was Father's Day, and so I rolled the other direction, and my feet touched smooth old hardwood.  I went and got that baby girl, and Daddy slept soundly.  Poor guy.  Only one day of the year his wife doesn't bring the baby back to bed so that everyone can share in the joy of being awake at 6:00.

The morning was still dim and calm.  Anna girl went into her high chair, pacified by a tray full of blueberry pieces.  I lit a candle and puttered around making coffee and opening and shutting the cupboards (sometimes I hope that a pre-made meal will magically appear). We had three hours until church started...breakfast in bed for the World's Greatest Daddy was the obvious conclusion. 

The Joy of Cooking is a staple around here.  It's a giant beast of a cookbook with no pictures, but it's the best.  Especially the pancake recipe. I'm picky about pancakes.  Fluffy, cakey ones won't do - they need to be thin and spongy and have a slight browned crust.

 Joy of Cooking Pancakes

Whisk together in large bowl:

1 1/2 cups flour
3 T sugar
1 3/4 t baking powder
1 t salt

Combine in another bowl:

1 1/2 cups milk
3 T melted butter
2 eggs
1/2 t vanilla

Mix liquid quickly into dry ingredients. 

There are a few things I always do for pancakes.   I put the griddle on low-medium heat even before I start mixing.  That way it's the perfect temp by the time I'm ready to cook.  Pancakes always seem to burn when I heat the pan too fast.  Butter is the best thing to spread on the griddle.  Add more in-between each batch.  That's the ticket for that crunchy delicious crust.  (Can I step on a soapbox here for a moment and say for the love of all the fathers in your life, butter is not bad for you?  Your body needs good fat.  Don't be scared of butter.  Be scared of margarine because nobody really knows what is in that mess.)

Wait for the tiny bubbles to appear and flip.

When we took in the tray, Aaron said, "I've never had breakfast in bed!"  Truly, a picture perfect first Father's Day...until someone who shall remain anonymous thought that breakfast in bed was intended for her too.  Attempts to pull her off of the tray were not met well.  Daddy's ladies left him to eat alone. But it's boring and sad to be given solitary confinement on Father's Day, so he soon followed us out to the dining room.

We tried.  :)

"I want all the food!  You never feed me!  I'm so hungry!  Have you seen these thighs lately?  Practically wasting away!"

Happy First Father's Day to the man our daughter adores.  I couldn't ask for a more involved, attentive, loving daddy for my child.  She kicks her legs when you walk in the room.  She gives you wet open kisses all over your face.  It's obvious you have her heart.  And mine.  I love you!

And to my own father, who celebrated his 32nd Father's Day, sorry I couldn't make you breakfast in bed.  You probably would have rather had cereal instead.  You've given me so much wisdom and love, you've told more corny jokes than anyone ever expected, you're the whiz of whizzes at saving money and reusing stuff, and you're a stellar Poppa who Anna delights in.

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