Sunday, June 15, 2014

Aldi, The Cool Kid

My mom shopped at Aldi in the 80s, way before it was cool.

I was so embarrassed that our cereal boxes said things like Crunchy Os or Rainbow Whirls.  I coveted the bright yellow box emblazoned with Cheerios, and I wanted Toucan Sam to join me at breakfast. The virtues of buying name-brand were clear to me, the most important being, none of my friends would think we were poor.  

Now I shop at Aldi.  It's come a long way from the dingy, flickering-bulb aisles of my childhood. They have organic cheerios now! (Also, I don't mind now if people think I'm poor.  In many ways, 29 definitely has the upper hand on 7.)

I went last week to just pick up a few things.  I can never go to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I have a fear that things I want will run out before I get them.  I'm sure this says something deep about my psyche, but I'm not sure what.  When we were in Rome, I pushed Aaron through the entire Vatican full of pulsing crowds (it's kind of huge) because all I really cared to see was the Sistine Chapel, and what if it somehow evaporated or caved in or exploded before we got to it? 

I feel the same way about food.  It's like the Aldi marketing team knows this secret of mine, because all of their coolest foods are labeled with tags that say "Special Edition" or "Seasonal Buy" or "Limited Quantity".  The bags of flour stacked up on a pallet will be there week in and week out, but the Artisan Smoked Honey Cranberry Parsley Sage Gouda?  Who knows when it will disappear?  If I don't buy it this week, I may never get the chance!!!

I present to you my most recent Special-Edition-Seasonal-Limited-Quantity buys.

Salt and Vinegar Chips.  (I had to prop up the bag to make it look like something was in there - but it's empty.  2 days after I bought them.  It's the vinegar.  It burns my tongue, but I can't stop!)

Cashew Butter.

(I already succumbed to the Almond Butter the week before...)

Yogurt Cheese.  (YOGURT cheese?  So interesting and different.)

Shelf Stable Almond Milk.   (We are not lactose intolerant.  So I bought two boxes.  I don't know.  I really don't know.)

Edamame and Brussel Sprouts.  (Because these are way more fun to have in my freezer than corn and green beans.)

I clearly need to send Aaron to the store if I have a short list.  He is not enticed by the hand-crafted cheeses and hippie milk.  He also probably wishes that he could have seen more of the Vatican.  

Aldi, I love you.  Bring me your special foods year round.  This will give me the time to decide if we really need three different kinds of nut butter.  "While supplies last" is just too hard on me.  Kind regards, a loyal shopper.

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