Friday, May 23, 2014

The Secret to Loving

This often happens to me: I think about having lunch; I open the fridge and peruse the contents; I plan out what I'll make in-between babies wanting to be held and babies wanting to be fed; I shut the fridge and turn around to glance at the stove clock, 

and I realize it's only 9:30 a.m.  

Today I made up a song as I sat on the floor with Anna and the little boy I babysit.  "Two little people always needing me, only one big person you can see..."  Made-up songs always work best if you put the same couplet on repeat at the beginning.  Gives you a chance to get the melody down and maybe find a better rhyme the second time around.  

"Two little people always needing me, I'm just one big person doh da dee..."  Hmm.  Anna just bobs along no matter how awful my rhymes are.  She's so great.

The hours can seem long with the little people.  They are awesome - my little person, especially - but there is just one me and so many needs all day.   I thought about Mother Teresa as I sat on the floor today.  When I was in Kolkata, I remember reading an interview where someone asked her how she did what she did every day.  How did she care for the sick and dying day after day?  How did her compassion not run out?  How did she keep pulling people off the streets when the streets always offered more deserted and desolate?  

Her answer was something to the effect of, "I see the face of Christ in each person.  I am caring for Christ."

Another grunty grimace and the invitable poopy diaper that follows.  Christ. Another five minutes where both babies scream because they both want to be fed.  NOW.  Christ.  Another smothering of kisses on those cheeks as I pull them up from the floor.  Christ.  Another tickle of chubby thighs and waiting for the chuckles.  Christ.  

This matters.  This matters.  

These little people matter.  They matter to Jesus so, so much.  He invited them close, to His lap and to His heart.  While the people of power and prestige scoffed at Him and derided Him, He beckoned the babies.  And you know He kissed those fat cheeks.  

This dining room where I sit clacking out words on a laptop - it's not Kolkata.  In so many ways, it's so much easier.  But the lesson is the same.  The souls I am surrounded by, they are my tiny faces of Christ.  How I love them is how I love Christ.  

Brings purpose to everything, huh?  

And makes those long days fill up with glory.  Even when lunchtime is slow to come.  

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  1. You take amazing photographs, and your babies are very pretty. Cheers.