Thursday, May 29, 2014

Take Me to the Dutch

The earache is back!  In the other ear! I think I should buy stock in Ibuprofen.  Do you remember a while back when we were having mouse problems, and I kept updating you on the mouse situation until we were all so sick of mice?  Well, it pains me to say (pun, of course) that the earache is probably going to be the new mouse.

For now, suffice it to say, it's an exact replica of the first earache.  Please refer to this post and apply entire content to right ear instead of left.

Speaking of mice, have I told you the other night one of my worst mouse fears came true?  I was cleaning out the shed while Aaron built the trellis from yesterday's garden post.  I looked down at the cement floor of the shed, and...

there was a dead, shriveled up mouse body.

I just can't handle dead things.

I used to think there was nothing more scary than a dead bird.

Well, yes there is.

A dead mouse.

Enough about mice and earaches, because I really want you to keep visiting me here.

This morning, my sweet husband, who now knows that there isn't a day gone by that I don't dream about traveling, sent me this link, with the subject line of "For your morning dreams."

He gets me.  He really does.

Tell me which city you would spring to visit first.

I went a little rogue and chose Giethoorn, Netherlands.  It wasn't the first one that jumped out at me, but in the end, I knew it would be the best for gardens, minimal tourism, and general loveliness.  (This is all based on one picture, of course.)

There's no better cure for a sick day than travel day-dreaming.

I don't think they even sell Ibuprofen in Geithoorn, for who would ever need it there?

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