Thursday, May 8, 2014

Georgia on My Mind

Is that how the song goes?  Now I am thinking it might be Alabama.  Or maybe I'm thinking of Sweet Home Alabama.  Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you?  How long can I keep the Southern song references coming, you ask?

We flew to Georgia last weekend to see some very, very dear friends of ours.  The year Aaron and I were engaged, Laura and Jarod gathered us in like the wee ones we were and shared their lives - so many dinners, late night games, walks, talks.  They are five years ahead of us in marriage and probably many more years ahead of us in the way they love Jesus and others.  Sadly, soon after our wedding, they headed south, but some friendships can't be stopped by 12 hours.

We now know that as long as Anna can stand on the tray table and grin at the passengers behind us, flying with her is no big deal.  This may get a little awkward when she's seven or eight.  Please pass along your tips for transition.

Oh look at those baby shoes.  Baby shoes serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever other than to compel mothers, friends, and onlookers alike to say "What adorable shoes!"  However, fathers never feel compelled to say this.  They are mainly confused about the whole idea.  "Why can't she just be barefoot?"

The girls' getaway portion of our trip, in which Laura and I and three other sweet friends took off to a North Georgian cabin, was amazing!  It wasn't just because of the hunterly decor of our cabin, either.  Any weekend that includes heart talk in a hot tub, shopping at outlet malls, and laughing until we might have peed a little bit in our pants simply can't compete with antelope heads.

Unfortunately, I usually come home from trips like these realizing that I didn't get enough pictures, or that I got twenty pictures of only one thing.  Although we are currently camera-less, my kind husband entrusted me to take his iPhone to the cabin so I could use it as a camera.  AND I DIDN'T LOSE IT OR BREAK IT!  Are there Academy Awards for this type of thing?  There should be.

Dinner tip of the weekend?  Steam some edamame and cover generously with lime juice and salt.  And I thought I had covered the range of what was possible with edamame.  Now I know.

The car ride back to Atlanta from the cabin was the low point for this little lady.  I can't remember if this picture was taken after the screaming arching back fit or before the throwing up of an entire jar of peas. Either way, it represents a brief, brief moment of happiness during the 3 hour stretch.  I'm learning that while it is possible to travel with babies, there comes a moment when they are so done.  (She's back to her sweet self now, and reunited with her own crib, is taking some killer naps.)

I will leave you with a realization the girls stumbled upon in our cabin.  Men never use exclamation points in their texts!  Crazy!  Why is that?

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