Friday, April 4, 2014

The Stuff of Dreams

I am a dreamer.

"I dwell in possibility."  Yes, Emily, yes.

I told Aaron the other day that at least once a day, I dream about traveling somewhere.  He was dumbfounded by this admission.  "Every day?"

Yup.  Every day.

I'm not abandoning the search for contentment in the here and now.  But I think a little dreaming never hurt either.  When I stop and look at my dreams, jot them down, give them voice, I'm alerted to my heart's passions.  In this season of life, that's never a bad thing.  Diaper swishing and nighttime nursing and the dishwasher that needs unloading all the time?  They tend to cram passion into unopened closets and stuff dreams into drawers that rarely get opened.

So here are my dreams:

- Move to Europe with Aaron and Anna for a year.  Just to try something new.  I'm thinking Germany or Latvia.

- Build a modest sized cottage on a couple acres of land.  Have chickens and a goat.  Learn how to make cheese.  Grow a huge garden.  Plant fruit trees.  Go on nature hunts with the kids.  Build treehouses and hang vintage hankies for curtains.

Since I'm dreaming, why yes, the house would look something like this.  

- Foster parent and adopt.

Let's fill this frame up with children!  

- Write a book.  And then keep writing.

- Take trips to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, England, Ireland, Iceland, Scandinavia, the Andes Mountains, and New England in the fall.

Reykjavik, Iceland

- Have a home where people always feel welcome and at peace.  A physical place that is full of beauty and wonder and treasures that we've collected from travels.  A place that says, "Come in.  We love life, and we love you."

Love this.  Minus the cat.  We don't need a cat; we've learned our lesson from the dog.

- To love Jesus more each new year.

What do my dreams say about my passions?  

- I love to travel.  Travel makes me feel alive in a way that nothing else can replicate.

- I love making a home.  Being creative in our home is important to me.  This takes many forms: cooking, gardening, sewing.  These things are creative outlets for me.

- I firmly believe that Christ came for the sick, the lost, the outcast, the abandoned, the poor, the damaged, of which I was one!  His Gospel is that He adopted us into His family, and and we are now orphans no longer.  As such, fostering and adopting is something that Aaron and I both want to pursue.

- Writing is important.  When I'm not writing, I feel a withered.  Stale.  Dried out.

- I want to find ways to make Jesus famous through all of my passions.  He is my true heart.  He has given me this heart, threaded these dreams all through my fiber and bone.

What about you?  Share a dream with me?  


  1. I just stumbled on you blog and so enjoy your "dreamings" as I dream and have all my life. I love imagination and where it takes me and with the Lord everything is possible. My blog is JoAnn's Spiritual Lessons and I invite you to see if it may interest you. I love the way the Lord has given you to use words to convey the joy of living for our Lord. Thank you for the joy you share. Rebishka

    1. Rebishka, I will definitely pop over to your blog! Thank you for stopping by mine and for your encouraging words.