Monday, April 21, 2014

Friends and Family

Today I have mostly pictures for you.  I'm watching a baby boy three days a week for the next month, and he is precious, but this means naptime has become even more valuable around here.  It's only a matter of time 'til one of them wakes. 

Aaron took some time off work last week so we could go see our good friends who live in Topeka.  Nick and Brittany are such a dear couple to us.  Our friendship dates back to our early married days when we had time to make extravagant dinners together and linger over board games until it was very late.  Now we no longer live in the same town, and we both have children, so our time together looks different than it used to.  They're fixing up an old house as well, so we've been swapping weekends to help each other.  While Nick and Aaron wield power tools, Brittany and I talk decorating, go outside to walk and garden, hunt garage sales and flea markets, and pass babies back and forth.  We love them and time spent with them.  It is always refreshing!  If we could move our favorite people into our neighborhood, Nick and Brittany would absolutely get a spot.  

 Tuptim Thai in Topeka - so yummy! 

The husbands took the babies so the wives could hit up some garage sales.  

Aaron took Anna hiking while Brittany and I gardened.  

After Topeka, we went to Lee's Summit to be with Aaron's family for Easter.  His mom and dad watched Anna so we could have a much needed date night.  They even gave us a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory.  Thank you, Tim and Sherri!  

We found some Easter friends at the Plaza. 

Anna and Grammy 

 On Sunday, Anna made her debut at Aaron's home church.  Only about 40 people told me she looked "just like her daddy!"  It's okay.  It's really okay.  It's not like I carried her in my belly for 9 months and pushed her out of my body.  :)  All I'm asking is that I can receive credit where credit is due - she may favor her daddy, but she definitely has my eyes.  Big and brown.

After church, we spent some time at Aaron's grandma's house.  Anna is the only great-grandbaby, and needless to say, she was quite the hit.  It's so fun to watch her bring so much joy to people.  She is showered with love and gifts and kisses.  It's a blessing that so many love our baby and will love her for years to come.

Easter family portrait - we even got a smile!  

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