Monday, April 7, 2014

Among the Things I Did As a Child

Y'all, I almost forgot to tell you about this!

A couple months ago, my dad unearthed our old Barbie toys for my niece to play with.  They were stuffed in a box deep in the scary shadows of the shed, likely untouched since the mid-nineties.

When my mom opened the box, she found this lying on top:

Allow me to transcribe.

Dear Children,

I'm calling you "children" because I'm only 13 yrs old - not old enough to have you or be an aunt.  (I don't know your name.)  But I  U very much even though I don't know you yet.   

Anyway, have fun with this Barbie stuff.  My sister, Rachel, and I had many fun years with it. Be careful and don't trash it but have A TON OF FUN.  (After you finish reading this - come ask me for some CANDY!  I ❤ fun & games & laughter & candy!)  

Your Grandpa Casey made the Barbie house for you.  Isn't that neat?  Gotta Go.  

See ya in about 15 years.  

Lara (your, mom, aunt, or FRIEND)

I would like to point out that:

a) I've always had a flare for the dramatic. 
b) As a child, I read way too many books where people buried time capsules.
c) I was only one year off on the year prediction!  
d) I think my all-caps were well placed.

Dear 13 year old self,

You and your sister will have CUTE kids.  You will ❤  them more than you know you're capable of.

(You won't grow out of your proclivity for all-caps.)


Lara (your future self)

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