Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Eating...a yummy salad with spinach, salami, kalamata olives, avocado, tomato, and parmesan.  Aaron hates olives, so I have to sneak them in when I'm alone.

Dreaming...of the garden we will plant soon.  Seeds are tucked away in darkness to germinate and our ground is freshly tilled.

Missing...my sister and her family.  Skype is a great gift, but flesh and bone are the greatest gift.

Praying...for our sweet friends who are experiencing a deep loss.

Loving...my Valentine's Day dustbuster from Aaron.  First, when did I become the kind of person that asks for a dustbuster for Valentine's Day?  Second, how did I live so long without one?

Chuckling...as Anna tries new foods and adores them all!  Avocado, sweet potato, oatmeal, banana, egg yolk - our girl just likes to eat.

Wishing...I hadn't lost our camera!  I remember having it at the airport two weeks ago when my sister left, and now it is nowhere to be found.  Big bummer.

Wondering...which diaper sprayer to buy.  Did you know there are loads of diaper sprayer options?  Anybody with a diaper sprayer care to weigh in?

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