Wednesday, March 5, 2014

North and South Again

Aaron's job requires him to travel here and there.  A couple of weeks ago, he said, "Do you want to go with me to Columbia in March, and we can stay in a cool hotel?"  And I said, "Um, YES!"

But then the day came to leave, and I was on the fence.  I had so much to do here at home - ALL THE IMPORTANT THINGS - and Anna's naps would get all wonky and we'd have to hire someone to take care of Maggie and yadi yadi yadi.

I went.

I'm so glad I did.  

As much as I am a homebody, I need an occasional change of scenery.  My soul is happily contained within these plaster walls, but there is something about travel - even if it's just two hours upstate - that makes me feel cartwheelish.  That's an adjective now.  

Anna and I wandered about for two days while Aaron worked, and it was so fun.  Y'all, I ran out of things to look at in Target!  That has happened in the history of Lara Weaver...never.  My sweet little chubby girl can sit in the cart now which frees up my arms to put all kinds of random things in there with her.  Of course, an hour later we circled back around to put them back on the shelves.  It was like free shopping! In a different town the next day, we walked blocks of historic old homes and popped into a little antique store complete with a tea room in the belly of the booths.  Apple pie and Constant Comment next to an old man who says, "Is that a boy baby or a girl baby?  I'm gonna guess boy baby."  That's a moment.

Our hotel in Boonville was old and beautiful, the kind of place where every detail leaves you heavy with satisfaction and delight.  Thick molding, curved doors, transom windows, rich colors. Our new home doesn't feel beautiful to me yet.  It's functional and the essential items are unpacked, but it's not lovely.  In time, it will be.  As Anna napped in the bathroom, I sat and soaked in the beauty of that green room.  It was a feast.  I journaled and read magazines, and doggone it, you guys!  That old man in the April Country Living made me want to move to the country and garden all day.  I could hardly stand it.

Tonight, we're home.  The dishes and the dog and the urge to do something productive during naptime haven't gone anywhere, but I have, and I am glad I have left them.  I've come back full.

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