Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Letters to a Much Missed Man

Daddy!  I miss you!  Where do you go all day long?  I'm so confused.  You come and get me in the mornings, and you get me out of those yucky diapers.  That's so great, and I love you so much, and I love putting my mouth on your cheek, and then, poof!  You're gone!  

I took some time to be a little nekked this morning.  My diaper rash is getting sort of viral.  So I aired everything out, and boy do I love airing out.  It's the best.  

Don't feel sorry for Mom because you took all the gyros.  She made these loaded nachos for lunch, and then she sat me on her lap and ate them all in front of me!  Not once did she offer to share.  Maggie and I were very offended.  

I love you, Daddy!  Come home soon, ok?  I need you to hold me and bounce me and make me laugh.  Things just aren't the same around here without ya.  

I'll try to keep Mom in line until you get back.  She said something about a walk, but oh boy, does she know how hard it is to get me in the stroller AND get Maggie on her leash?  Sheesh, sometimes I think that Momma's lost all her common sense.  But I do love walks...

-Your sweet Little Bird 

*    *   *

Master, oh Master!

Where are you?  I miss you!  I try to get the Lady Master to play with me, but all she does is hold that squawky thing that kicks its legs.  When I bark, she ignores me.  When I bark at you, you chase me and put me in time out!  Oh, how I hate time out, but I love it when you chase me!  I love it, love it, love it!  

All day I have been lying on the rug and pretending like I'm sleeping.  I ran out of sticks to chew.  

Please come home, please come home!  


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