Wednesday, January 15, 2014

simplicity in a new year and new house

It's naptime (the fourth of the day - short and frequent naps seem to be someone's modus operandi lately).

I should be doing the dishes.

I should be prepping dinner.

I should be checking on those cloth diapers in the dryer because we're finally switching over from disposables.

But sometimes my heart just can't do one more should.  I haven't written here for so long.  My mama asked the other day if it was because I didn't have anything to write.  No, it's not that.  It's just life and all those shoulds and the precious little someone who doesn't particularly like to nap.

We're moved into our house!  It happened shortly before Christmas.  We tried to scramble and have some celebratory cheer amidst all the boxes...but it was a big fat fail.  Let's just say we borrowed a fake tree, and we're real tree people through and through.  That and one's motivation to decorate a tree flags when you know you're going to need to pack it all away again in a week.

As we're unpacking, I just can't get away from the urge to simplify.  It's the new house vibe, I'm sure - all these lovely empty rooms we spent hours sanding and painting and scrubbing, and I don't want them cluttered and messy.  And January of the Fresh Start always bestows a renewed vigor to organize and purge.  We just have so much stuff - anyone out there feel the same?  We did without 95% of it for over three months.  I keep pulling things out of boxes and thinking, "Why did I exert the energy to pack and store this item, and now do I want to exert more energy to find it a new home and take care of it some more?"  I feel like I am seeing in a new light how easy it is to be ruled by stuff.  The more dishes I have (a big weakness of mine), the more dishes will be used, washed, dried, put away.  If I have four glasses tops, then only four glasses will ever be dirty before someone washes them.  Genius!

It's a battle, though.  I go through our dishes and pare down, and then I search the Internet later because I have wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven for so long...and Jamie Oliver thinks they're an indispensable kitchen tool.  People, Internet shopping!!  Dangerous!  The arch enemy of simplification!  I always think purchases on the Internet are made with fake money, but Aaron tells me the money is actually real?!?

Another thing along the lines of simplification.  I'm tired of owning crap.  I'm tired of buying cheap clothes, household tools, whatever, because I think the cheap option is all that we can afford.  I want to start practicing delayed gratification when buying.  This will give time to save money and help me to see if we really need that thing in the the long haul.  So I think this means another stake in the heart of Internet shopping.

And now - the dishes!  But tell me, how do you simplify/downsize/fight the urge to own everything you think is cool because in some twisted way you think it will make you cool?

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