Thursday, January 16, 2014

new morning routine

We've got a new morning routine over here.

Things have been evaluated by our quality control (she's four months old, but man, she's good) and processes are now streamlined and efficient.

We start with a diaper change and move to the couch to nurse.  We read a psalm together.

Move into morning coffee for mama and tummy time for Little Bird.

(As a side note - there is never a good reason to make instant coffee.  In a lapse of judgment, I did so this morning, and I was reminded:  Real coffee is always worth the extra five minutes.  )

And then we see how long we can make the bouncy seat attractive before the need for naptime becomes dire.  Mama possibly jumps into the shower, gets dressed, and makes the bed.  Today all three happened.  Win!

It's a good routine we have going on.  So very different from pre-baby mornings, but good.

I'll gladly give up leisurely journaling sessions, making scones or muffins, and getting more than 3 things done before noon to wake up to this little face.  I would even give up coffee...

but for now, quality control has decided that coffee can stay.


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