Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello, Saturday

We've never experienced the phenomenon of the weekend before.  When we worked for K-Life, our day off was in the middle of the week, and the weekends were always busy and full.

Aaron's 9 to 5 job has introduced us to the glory of Saturdays.

Oh blessed Saturday.  How we love thee.

Sleeping in late (late with a baby is a relative term), making something yummy for breakfast, lingering at the table, reading Scripture on the couch.  There's no where to go!  Pajamas are actually the preferred dress!  It's like a storybook.  Yes, the herald of a true Saturday has turned my life into a fairy tale.

This morning, we made Welsh Breakfast Cakes.

I'm thinking of writing a cookbook called "Mastering the Art of One-Handed Cooking."  Sort of a riff off the ground Julia broke.  

Welsh Cakes - have you heard of them?  Delicious.   An amalgamation of pancakes, biscuits, and crumpets.  You know when a recipe calls for a whole stick of butter, it's gonna be good.

 I don't think I've mentioned it here, but Aaron has begun to drink coffee!  I think it's the 9-5 job.  See what a predictable work schedule has given us?  Saturdays and coffee.  Boom.  Fairy tale confirmed.

 We're trying to read Scripture with Anna, even just little bits and pieces at first.  We're currently in Leviticus...

And by Leviticus, I mean the Psalms.   (See how big her eyes are?  She thought I was serious about Leviticus.)

I'm so thankful for the sweetness that sweeps through this home on a Saturday morning.   The joy of tiny treasures with the two I love the most, refilling our hearts with the rest that the week often drains out of us.

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  1. Love your blog :) All of our love from our CO family to your wonderful family in MO. (From your cousins on your Mom's side.)
    Kathy B