Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three big things

There's so much to say!  This being the case, it's hard to start with one thing.   All the things clamor to spill out first which makes beginning seem tricky.  Hence, long blog silence.

One thing.

Aaron got a job!  That's a good place to start since our jobless state was a heavily dissected topic here.  He is the recruiter/alumni coordinator for the physical therapy department of the university here in town.  It's a great job!  The people he works with are nice; he gets perks such as a company iPhone and iPad; hours are flexible; there is some travel which is actually a plus because Anna and I can tail along.  Praise God.  He answered our prayers most graciously and kindly.

Aaron on his first day of work, which also happened to be the day before I went into labor.  #everythinghappensatonce

Here's another thing.

Anna is six weeks old today.  Six weeks!  The new baby what-have-we-done-slash-this-is-awesome haze has lifted.  Life with a baby is our new normal.  And we LOVE our new normal.  She's sweet, cute, bright-eyed, squawky, and completely kissable.

Look at those chubby cheeks!  
Another thing.  (I'm on a roll!)

We're living with my parents.  So, if you're keeping count, this makes #3 Big Life Change that happened within the span of a week.  We've decided that paying rent is for the birds, so I think we're here to stay.  Hey, Mom and Dad!  Are you excited?

Just kidding.

The house we're remodeling is nearing completion (famous last words), and when that happens, we shall become grown-ups again and start paying bills and cooking food and whatnot.

About half the rooms look lovely like this...

...and the other half still look like an unfortunate marriage of toolbox vomit and abandoned mental hospital.  

Progress, y'all.  It's progress.  Meanwhile Dad and Maggie are having a great time here at the casa, so why rush a good thing?  

Bonus points to whoever can find the sandpaper!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I didn't know you were writing again! I love that pic of Anna. Her expression is priceless! And I'm loving the little round tiles in your bathroom!