Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And poof! Then I was gone.

We cancelled our internet.

We're going off the grid, people!  Throwing off the shackles of the 21st century!

Actually, it's nothing noble - we're just paring down to the really bare essentials as we wait on a job.  I could say it's been a very enlightening experiment, and we're totally cool without the interwebs, but really...

it kind of stinks.  I like the internet.

All this to say, the blogging will be sparse for a while.  Just when I was getting my groove back!

Go read Ann Voskamp's blog instead.  She's been knocking my socks off lately.

Love to all you readers!  And hopefully, I will see you soon.

Until then, I will be covered in plaster dust and trying not to inhale lead paint fumes.  Because you know, that can't be good for the baby.  (I've written a little about our current house remodel at the other blog - click on the link to the right.)