Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Among things that shouldn't happen at night

I'm popping in tonight to share an update with you.  It's been a while since we had to broach the following subject, but I'm keeping you in the know because

a) sympathy is always nice

b) the blog has been super serious lately and I think levity would add a good touch

Last night, I was abruptly awakened by none other than...a squeaking sound.  I gasped.  I laid in bed quiet as a mouse.  (Haha, do you see where this is going?)  Then, as if the squeaking wasn't horrifying enough, I heard a little rustling, dragging sound.

I grabbed Aaron's arm with a death hold.  "Aaron!"  I tried to whisper because we had an overnight guest sleeping in the next room over.

"Huh?"  He groggily batted my arm away.

"I think there's a MOUSE in here!"

On perfect cue, more squeaking.  This got his attention.  He sat up.

"Don't look."  He flipped on the lamp.  (Of course I looked!)

(At this point in the narrative, you need to know that in January, we had another unfortunate episode of the R.O.U.S. which first visited in August.  A mouse actually LEPT out of the silverware drawer as my friend Brittany opened it.  We did what every family with a mouse-fearing woman would do: bought poison and old-fashioned traps and sticky traps.  Hence, a few sticky traps are still lying around.)

There, upon a dusty and forgotten sticky trap, with half of its nasty little body on and half of its nasty little body off, was a mouse.  Loudly sounding the alarm for anyone to save its poor soul.

This is the part where I imagine what dire straights I would be in if I lived by myself.  I could never, never, never pick up a mouse trap with a live mouse on it and carry it outside.  You can guess who took up that task.  (Go Aaron!)

"Make sure you kill it!"  I yelled after him as he galloped off into the midnight air.

Of course, for a storybook ending, today I found our dog eating the mouse corpse in the back yard.  Perfect.

Come one, come all, share your middle-of-the-night moments of terror.  Have you ever been awakened by a mouse?  Maybe a snake?  (That would make me feel better...)


  1. Lara,
    I lived in a trailer the first year I taught school, after college. I woke up one morning to a mouse sitting on my face. I didn't know this until I was fully awake and "sensed" that something was wrong. Thankfully, my parents were close and my dad took care of that problem! And being married to Shawn now means that I still don't have to deal with them,(which is great because we found a dead rat in our living!) Melissa W. (Shawn's wife)
    PS - Congrats on the baby!

  2. Oh. my. goodness. That definitely tops any story I have! It gives me goosebumps just to imagine that for you. :) And the rat...phew. You are tough, girl.

  3. Lara - If I was tough, I would have helped Shawn get rid of it instead of standing there with this horrible look on my face (from 10 feet away, of course) and quickly opening the door to make sure it didn't touch anything when he carried it out! We have our share of D-Con out - it's the only thing that's worked for us. Traps were just toys to them....sigh :)

  4. This isn't a night time story, but just last week I had put on my jacket to walk out the door while Jonathan watched Lily for a bit. He looked at me very seriously, told me to hold still, and walked toward me staring at my side. My mind immediately jumped to "there's a scorpion on me!" and I, being a mature adult and mother, screamed at the top of my lungs. Jonathan quickly killed the spider (still creepy, but at least not a scorpion!) crawling on me and my screams were soon drowned out by the terrified crying of Lily. She was screaming and crying unconsolably because of my little outburst. And then I had to walk out the door and leave Jonathan to take care of the damage I'd caused! Definitely not receiving any bravery awards... :)