Monday, November 5, 2012

the marathon

We did it!

We ran our marathon Sunday morning, finishing under four hours.  I thought there wouldn't be much pain difference between our 20 mile run a few weeks ago and 26 miles, but there is.  Wow, are we sore.  Aleve is our new best friend.

Not to over-spiritualize our marathon, but Aaron and I were talking about how Paul's race analogy of the Christian life is so accurate.  Nothing like running a long and hard race to really hit home his words in 1 Corinthians 9.  Gosh, we need people cheering us on from the sidelines.  We need nourishment along the way.  We need to fix our eyes on the prize.  We need to know that at times it will feel terrible, and nothing in us will say, "yeah, it's a good idea to keep going."  This is the Christian race.

But let me tell you, when we rounded that last corner and saw the big finish line banner at the end, tears came out of nowhere.  The knowledge that we were going to finish well and that my parents were waiting at the end, cheering for us as we stepped over that line -- that was a good, teary kind of beautiful.  Makes me think of Hebrews 12 and the great cloud of witnesses.  If it felt that amazing to finish a small, small earthly race, what in the world will it feel like to step over heaven's gate and hear "Well done, my servant."

Let's keep running, my friends.  The prize is so worth it.

On another note, Psalm 27 really encouraged me this morning as I thought about my flight tomorrow and the election -- two things that can really send me into a tailspin of fear.  Again, fixing our eyes is key.  For He is our light and salvation.  He is our confidence.  He is good to those whose hope is in him.  Our greatest delight is to see His face.  The enemy's tactic of fear desires to whisk those truths out of our mind and put a terrifying future in their place.  But that future is just not true!  Fear is just not true!

So I run truth through my mind like an endless tickertape.  I hope that encourages you if you are nervous about the election tomorrow or whatever else makes you anxious.  Find truth and cling hard.  He is our reality.

I'm not sure what posting will look like the rest of November.  I am sure you will hear from me a few times.  See you from across the pond!

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  1. Lara! I love you, girl! Way to go!!! Your posts always encourage. Please know I will be praying for you (and Aaron) during this time apart! And can I tell you again...thank you, thank you, for investing in my girls (esp. Faith's) all these years. For loving them. For encouraging them. You are a gift.