Tuesday, November 13, 2012

my new life as a nanny

I made it!  I've been here almost a week.  Time is a contradiction here.  It feels as though a week has flown, yet the thought of two and half more weeks without my husband feels immensely long.

It is good.  It is hard.  It is sweet.  It is bitter.  Is it not always this when we go to ones we love but, in the going,  leave other loved ones?

My days are full of pretending to be a gorilla, reading Little Critter and Amelia Bedelia (the latter of which they both love, although nearly all of the puns fly over their heads), walking to parks, and making breakfast with the early three year old riser.  Excuse me, he's three and a half.  I forgot.

These little ones, they are changing all the time, but then again, they still pop out familiar as they did last May, two Septembers ago.  She still looks off in the distance when she's eating.  When you ask her what she's thinking about, the answer is nearly always about a part in a movie.  He still can't say his "c" sound, so candy becomes tandy and cars are tars but sometimes the "t" is hard too, and when that is so, turtles become do-dos.  

The tiny troops have awoken from their naps.  Duty calls.  And maybe some more Amelia Bedelia?

A trip to Ikea!  I told them to make their "I like Ikea" faces!  This is what I got and right after Drew whispered to Nathan, "But Daddy, I don't like Ikea."

Apple pie!  Yum!  

These are our fierce faces.  Don't mind the princess wand.  It's really a sword. 

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  1. Love the last picture. Looks like they've been practicing with the grumpy ol' lady