Friday, October 12, 2012

Thanks, Father, for this home...

We moved into our house right after we were married.  We rolled into town from our Smoky Mountain honeymoon and went to Mom's house to open up gifts.  A few car ferries later, and we were surrounded by Bed Bath & Beyond boxes, all my books (which were pretty much the only dowry I brought into this marriage), and an empty set of rooms.  Our home.  

I was in heaven.  I loved our home.  LOVED. IT.  For the last three years, I have loved it more earnestly with each new month.  I know I sound weird, but seriously, I have often wondered if I loved our house a little too much, maybe with a love that I should reserve for people or possibly a cherished pet?

A few months ago, the love stopped growing a wee bit.  Our friends all started buying houses.  Some of them own two houses.  I got panicky.  "Are we doing something wrong?"  I asked Aaron.  "We're almost 30 and still renting."  Our house started to feel tight.  Small.  Wrong.

Today, a friend called to tell me they had just closed on a house.  The anxious feeling returned.  I thought of the brick bungalow a few streets over that I want to buy so badly.  I can see its hardwood floors polished and a built-in banquet in the breakfast nook and kids running in and out the back screened-in porch.

Past a certain point, our future is a big question mark, and I have no idea if buying a house is in His plan or not.  What I do know is what to do with that desire -- open up my arms.

After I hung up the phone, I began to sweep.  I started a mental list of all the things that have endeared me to this home.  There are quite a few.  Funny how a grateful heart can change perspective entirely.  Here are some of the things I thought of:

1.  Size
Not too big for when it's just the two of us, big enough for when there's a crowd.

2.  The windows
Our sweet landlady put in new windows before we moved in.  This house has lots of windows, and I love natural light.  I also love open windows, and it's nice to have new ones that don't stick.

3.  Having windows above the kitchen sink
Washing dishes would be dull indeed without seeing the world outside.

4.  Our fireplace
I get a huge wooden mantle to decorate, and we have a wood-burning insert that we use all the time in the winter.

5. The flooring
Most of the house has light laminate flooring.  When we moved in, I was really into dark wood, but I've been glad numerous times since then that I didn't get to make the flooring call.  The light laminate makes the house feel cohesive, airy, and spacious.

6.  Flow
We have a very open floorplan, which is great for the hosting we do.

7.  Old charm
The french doors, the tiny fireplace windows, the built-in bookcases, the metal doorknobs.  Love them all.

8.  Space for extras
The bedrooms are generously sized, and there is enough room in our guest bedroom for a bed, an office nook, and a crafting table.

9.  Deck and yard
We have a deck!  We love to eat outside, and oh, do you see that incredible looking trellis?   My incredible looking husband built that.  Our yard is great too.  It's a secret haven.

10.  Basement
Perfect for storing the paint cans, extra boxes, and the George Foreman grill.  Aaron may be a little hurt that his appliance was relegated to the basement, but the basement is better than no home at all.  Right, Georgie?

Okay, what about you?  Whether it's big or small, just what you've wanted or far from your dream, tell me some things that you like about your home.

The exact place He's given us is a gift.   I don't want to squander it.  Wanna join me?


  1. THANK you for sharing this, Lara. We have 3 kids (well, 2 and one almost here!) and we're still renting. And I'm in love with our rental we moved into this summer. It's so endearing and suitable for us. It's a place I could stay a long, long time. We barely have room for our family, but it keeps us from accumulating too much. We'd still like to buy a place out on some acreage, but you are so right that a grateful heart changes your perspective. Being grateful is something I've especially been working on this past week.

  2. Oh Jessica, thanks for your comment! So good to hear from another renter! :) I totally agree with the accumulation thing. It's nice to have a forced stop, huh? Can't believe you have 3 (almost) kids...what a sweet family.