Monday, October 1, 2012

meet gordan

This is Gordan.

I tried to tell my sister about Gordan in a recent email.

"So that's the scoop on our various saving plans.  We are going to get some old pictures of "relatives" and post them on the fridge and that way they motivate us to keep saving.  We had Gordan for our Europe trip.  Did you ever meet Gordan?  Now we like him so much we keep him on the bulletin board although we met our goal.  

I can find you some old relatives if you need to save for something.  It really is a motivator.  Gordan was really ugly so that helped. But you know how ugly people grow on you and now Gordan reminds us of all the beautiful things we saw in Europe so how can you get rid of that?"

She replied:


I don't understand about Gordan and the relatives, but Nathan and I still thought this email was hilarious.  Do tell.


I consider it my duty to make my older sister laugh.  She's living in a foreign country, and she needs all the funny she can get.  Gordan is good for a laugh.  He's so earnest, with his tweed vest and mutilated mustache.  He wants you to take him seriously, but you just can't.  

Back in March, I found a little book at an antique store.  It was full of vintage postcards of Rome.  I thought it would be a cool memento since we were planning to go to Europe that summer.  We were also in the thick of saving for this trip.   Well, lo and behold, when I got the book home, an extra little gem fell out of the pages.  A gem whom you have just met.  Our pal Gordan.  

He is rather creepy looking, isn't he?  Maybe he owned the book of Roman postcards.  Maybe his lover went to Rome and carried his picture along so she wouldn't forget him.  Whatever tie he had with the book, we decided that he was destined to become our saving mascot.  His name was obviously Gordan.  We pinned him up to the bulletin board in our kitchen, and we promised that his angular little face would remain until we had earned every last penny for our trip.  

Well, now he's part of the fam.  You just can't kick someone to the curb who's been there for you like Gordan has been for us.  

Last week, we had a budget meeting.  In the light of some big changes down the road, we had some reevaluating to do.  We created some new saving funds.  

Some of the funds are serious.  But one is for our 5th year anniversary, which is 20 months away.  We don't have the kind of income that lets us take big trips on the fly, and you know what?  Although I've resented that at times, the saving process really is rewarding.  And with the fake relatives silently cheering you on?  It's even kind of fun.     

Gordan, you're about to get some new buddies.  But, don't worry, old guy.  You'll always be our first. 

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