Saturday, October 27, 2012

a horticultural update

We had our first hard frost last night.  I pulled my potted flowers into the kitchen.  I did.  I am that gardener.  

We did say adios to the tomato plants.  We have the latest tomatoes here, y'all.  The only single red tomato we had in August was stolen off the vine.  By a squirrel or a neighbor, we will never know.  Just when the baby tomatoes start partying, it's time for frost.  Shucks.  John, our neighborhood grandpa, assures us that if we put them in a brown paper bag, they will turn red.  

Eek!  Here is our PUMPKIN!  We actually have three, but this is the Big Daddy.  The picture makes him look huge, but he truly is 8 or 9 inches across.  I love it that Aaron gets into the vegetable side of gardening while I stick mainly to the flowers.  Back when we figured out what the vine was, he did a little online research, and per research, we have been faithfully rotating Big Daddy so that he doesn't get a "ground burn" (those ugly brown patches that pumpkins sometimes have).   Now we need some orange!  With the tomato plants out of the way perhaps he can gather some more rays.  

This fall I tried rooting geranium cuttings, and it was way easier than I thought.  I just let the cut harden off for a few hours, dipped the end in rooting hormone, and potted them up in small pots.  These have been moved inside where they will settle down for a long winter's nap in the sunroom.  In the spring, I'll repot them or plant them in the ground, and we will have gobs of geraniums for freeeee!

And that's what's happening in our neck of the woods.  Thank you, Al Roker, for being the weatherman of my childhood.  What's the horticultural update in your neck of the woods?

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