Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Serendipitous pumpkins and why I've been absent

I have so much to tell you.

Words overflowing, stories spilling, little pictures of light.

Fall is wonderful.  Are you saying "amen" where ever you are?  The change, it works a change in our souls, and we've got new eyes.  Plus we're not sweating anymore, and that helps any situation.  Amen?

Just when I get my blogging ball rolling, I can't get my pictures to upload anymore.  It has brought me to a complete halt.  Has anyone had this problem?  Actually, they upload, but with lines and distortions.  Help?

But I must tell you, picture or not, we have a volunteer pumpkin vine in our garden, and it brings me so much joy!  Aaron was its champion in August, when I wanted to pull the sucker up.  Every afternoon when the sun beat down, it would wither and look pitiful.  "I'm pullin' it up," I'd announce.  The man loved it though, had faith that the scrawny green leaves would turn out to be something real after all.  Last week, we found a baby pumpkin under the yellow blossoms that I thought were just decoys.  And then another and another.  We have baby pumpkins! 

Happy fall, friends.

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