Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday's Laundry

Just a random basket of thoughts, today, y'all.  Here's some dirty socks and camp t-shirts for ya, all thrown together in the same load.

1.  I am spray-painting two chairs today that I bought for a dollar each.  At a garage sale.  In Lake City. My pack-genius husband fit them in our Honda for the trip home, along with a coffee table he made out of aspen trees.  This is the real reason we aren't having kids yet.  Where would we put all of our stuff on cross-country roadtrips?  I ran out of spray paint mid job and had to run to Wal-Mart...

2.  Wal-Mart in a small town is sometimes really depressing.   For many reasons.  I left after standing in line for a long time and just wished Jesus would come back.  Sounds dramatic, but sometimes hope runs low when you see so many faces of pain and anger and poverty.

3.  We're having a terrible drought.  Every step of grass is dry and crunchy.  The trees aren't brown yet, but they're starting to look like a vintage photograph, all washed out and faded.  I'm trying to keep my flowers holding on until sweet winter's relief and they can store up new life for another year.  These 5 am waterings are not endearing me to gardening.  I think I may throw the towel in.

4.  I think the dry, hot weather is affecting my outlook on life.

5.  There are some days you just have to make a big bowl of guacamole and eat it for lunch.

6.  We're training for a marathon!  It's on my life-goals list, and I'm finally doing it!  I had to wait for Aaron to come around (he's already run one), so when he turned to me in Colorado and said he would go for a second, I hopped on that chance like it was the last train out.   After our first long run (12 mi), we both felt like we should check into the geriatric ward.

7.  Aaron started reading the Harry Potter series a few weeks ago, and I decided it was my wifely duty to join him, so we could have intelligent discussions about Harry Potter.  I realize H.P. is a divisive topic among some folks, but y'all, they are so good!  I have devoured books 1-3, and now we've come to a nasty standstill as book four is out of the library.  What?  These books have been around for a decade!!  Who else would want book four from the library?  Nonetheless, book four is gone, and now, we wait.

Well, now, tell me something about your Thursday.  Are you having a drought too?  Did you eat a weird lunch?  Or maybe you find Wal-Mart trips exhilarating?


  1. Lara, you make me laugh. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts today, it was a good break from my own which are neither lighthearted or friendly. :) And I meant that you make me laugh in a good sort of way, not a laughing at you way.

  2. THURSDAY Soda Fountain moment:

    An old man with a strange white mustache insisted that he needed to "see" the flavors before deciding. He came behind the counter demanding a look and asking what different flavors were. I felt like he was Micah reincarnated in an old man's body. I avoided eye contact, I acted reluctant, and then gave in with an inward huff.

    All this at precisely five o'clock. Closing! time!

    Miss you! :)

  3. Haha, thanks Krista! That made my day in return. :)
    Kyndel, oh gracious. I LOVE that you avoided eye contact. Totally would have done the same thing!!

  4. Lara! I own that fourth book. It's tattered and worn with love, but it def. useable if y'all want to borrow it. Except... it's in Springfield... shoot. Anyway, I think you will love finding the Gospel woven throughout Harry's story. I'm so glad you guys are reading that together-- how fun! :D
    P.S. Reading your blog is so refreshing. I just love it. Hopefully we can hang out soon!

  5. Kels! I totally forgot you were a HP fan or else I probably would have texted you by now. :) But we found it, and I'm just about to go do some reading...
    We should get some sweet time together soon!