Thursday, August 30, 2012

a few updates of minor import

Dear readers.  I have some updates for you.  Which would you like first, mice or H.P.?

Mice?  Ok.

WE CAUGHT ANOTHER MOUSE.  It was nigh a week after the first, and I had begun to breathe easier. Wasn't even afraid to go down to the basement to gather laundry.  The scary black basement is, of course, where we caught the first.  And then, on Sunday night, I was nonchalantly toting a basket on my hip, nipping down the narrow stairs and AGHHHHHHH, AGHHHHHHH, AGHHHHHHHH!  I ran screaming back into the kitchen and fell dramatically against the counter.  Aaron and his bachelor friend Rick came rushing in.  (Do you think Rick wants to get married now?)

When it all came out, the bottom line was that the little ears poking out underneath the overturned trap were just too much.

I know, you guys.  I know you are dismayed that the blog is becoming a chronicle of mouse tales.  Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.  It's dreadful.  We all wish that there were no mice to write about.

We've taken stock, adjusted the game plan, and amped the trap count up to eight, and I can't decide whether I want them all to be full tomorrow or to never see another occupant again.  I'm so conflicted.

But onto Harry Potter.  Aaron bought all the books but one this summer at a book sale.  As I mentioned, we were missing book four, and then we stole it (sorry Liz), and then we found it at a thrift store (thanks IM Thrifty), and the famine was quickly turning into a cornucopia!  Tonight I finished book four and went into our bedroom, where the series is stuffed under Aaron's side of the bed.  I pulled them all out...and lo and behold...there were books 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and four.   Disbelief, rending of clothes, ashes.  By the way...does anybody have book five?

Tomorrow, Aaron turns 27.  We celebrated Wednesday night with my parents, and I love this picture my dad took.  It totally reminds me of the awkward friend stage when you're not sure how close to lean in to that person because where is this relationship going anyway???  Aaron, I'm glad we're still friends.   Do you think it's awkward?

G'night, all.

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