Sunday, July 1, 2012


It feels like a story unended to not blog about the rest of our trip.  So even though we've been back for over a week, I'm going to write a quick post for each country we stopped in after Turkey.  It's fun to remember.  It also makes me feel a bit nostalgic and travel-piney.  I think I will always have wanderlust.   

Here's some impressions of Switzerland that I jotted down in my journal, along with pictures.  


point of entry into Switzerland / industrial center / you can sit on park grass (a big no-no in Turkey) / began to speak my old German haltingly / free tram tickets through town / walking along Rhein / finding Migros grocery stores for meals / yummy breakfast at hostel with amazing coffee

wandering along the Rhein

inside a church (you can see the steeples above)

our wonderful clean hostel in Basel


a daytrip on our way to Gimmelwald / RAIN, RAIN, RAIN: we got dumped on and were cold and wet the entire time / cool Picasso museum, sweet lady at desk who let us store our backpacks / shopping at H & M / old wooden bridges with paintings from 1500s / swans in lake / quaint buildings / first brat at the Bahnhof

Aaron is showing our sorrow at the unceasing rain

We camped out underneath the bridge hoping for the rain to didn't

But we got pictures of pretty swans

And of beautiful buildings


tucked up high in the mountains / gondola ride up to Murren for groceries / Walter's hotel, owned by the coolest 90 year old Swiss man you will ever meet / tinkle of cow bells / hiking in the fog / Walter's dinners: chicken spaghetti and veal stew / chalets / dreaming over coffee at the pension cafe / wildflowers everywhere / the most orderly woodpiles and vegetable plots 

Our room at Walter's...we cranked that radiator up at night to dry our sopping Lucerne clothes

Our hotel from the outside

Some of the world's best mountains are hiding behind that fog.  Bummer!

I look happier than I felt about the fog

The up close was still beautiful

Loved all the flowers! 

And this handsome guy kept following me around

On our last day, the fog lifted and we wished we could stay on the bench forever

We loved Switzerland!  The people were very kind.  Everything was neat, orderly, and timely.  The food was good.  The views, when unobstructed, were amazing.  We are mountain people at the deepest core of our heart.  And although we'd heard that Switzerland was so very expensive, things were really not that much more than in Rome or Paris.  It's definitely on our list of places we'd love to return to.

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