Sunday, July 15, 2012

The rhythm of rest

This is our third summer spent in Lake City, Colorado.  We call it our precious season of rest.  Our entire married life has been wrapped within the cover of K-Life, and we know no other rhythm.  Work hard for 9 months, rest for 3.   I think my posts in the spring sufficiently covered the burn-out of the work season.  Relational vocation wicks out the bottom reserve of one's emotional, spiritual, and even occasionally, physical strength.

Now let me give some air time to our rest season.  Lake City is our rest.  Rest from giving.  Rest to receive.  Rest to lie awake and night and just laugh, not to talk about a kid we worry over, or what the next week's Klub will look like.  God reveals Himself to us in these weeks.  In the swell and dip of the mountains.  In quiet mornings spent reading all the books that we wanted to read in the winter.  In walking, hand in hand, down dusty gravel roads.  He reminds of that He is.  Our God.  Our Provider.  Our Well.

And come every August, our souls are growing green again.  Ready to step back into a rhythm that sometimes seems the very antithesis of rest.  He does this for us, our Gracious Father God.  He fills us up so we are ready to be spilled.

We know He doesn't have to do it this way.  But we are so very grateful He does.

Some of the sweet girls we live and work with

Wahoo!  On top of the world!

Aaron's game face

Did I mention my best friend lives in Lake City?

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