Monday, July 9, 2012

Italy: Rome

Okay, dear readers, this is the last post about our trip!  Henceforward, thee ol' blog will return to real time.

Rome was the last stop of our trip, and although we knew it would be hot and crowded, we couldn't leave it off the itinerary.  It's ROME, and we weren't about to miss 2000 years of history.  We had two and a half days, and surprisingly, we were able to see everything we wanted to.  (I'm sure true historians are keeling over now.)   Of course, we walked about 10 miles each day to fit in all our stops, but we'd do it the same way if we ever return.  That way you don't feel so guilty about all the gelato, you know?

The dates happened to fall so that while in Rome, we celebrated our third anniversary. We laugh about it.  Year one, Colorado.  Year two, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Year three, Rome.  Uhh, we're not going to top that one for a while.  :)

I couldn't think of a better way to end our trip than celebrating with the man that God gifted me.  Oh we had our share of squabbles while traveling, but he is my favorite person, and I'd rather squabble with him than be perfectly polite and composed with anyone else.  I read a blog this week in which the author called her husband her "standard of rad", and I have to agree.  Aaron is totally--in every way--my standard of rad.

What a trip, what a guy to do it with.

And that's the best summary.


On our way to Rome, we had to make a pilgrimage to Pisa

Trevi Fountain - something like 3,000 dollars gets thrown into this fountain every day

The Pantheon - the single best preserved building of the Roman heyday 

Oh Pantheon, how I have always wanted to see you (return of the geek?)

Looking up at that famous dome which inspired Bruneschelli and Michelangelo

The spot where Julius Caesar was murdered

Remnants of a early Christian tombstone

St. Peter's Basilica

Michelangelo's Pieta inside the Basilica

Most famous scene of the Sistine Chapel ceiling - worth the wait

Last Judgement scene on the wall of the Sistine Chapel

Final day in Rome and our 3rd anniversary

Inside the Colosseum

Kind of ironic that we look so happy outside of a place that was not used for happy things

An anniversary dinner splurge 

Topped off with tiramisu 
 (Funny story - when we had tiramisu in Paris, Aaron took a bite and said with gusto, "This is the best tiramisu I've ever had!"  I looked at him and said, "Babe, I think the only other tiramisu you've had I made."  Whoopsie...)

On the plane home

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