Monday, July 2, 2012

Italy: Florence

Florence, the seat of the Renaissance, wowed us with her art and architecture.  I took a class in college called Integrated Humanities, a year-long survey of art, literature, and philosophy from the Greeks to modern day.  It was really exciting for me to see in person everything that I poured over as a college sophomore, to stand in front of statues I had memorized for pop quizzes, to gaze at art we had analyzed, to walk where Michelangelo walked.   Geeky, but you have to embrace your inner geek in Florence.  

The Duomo Cathedral.  The cathedral was built without a dome -- as Europe emerged from the dark ages, they didn't have the technology to construct the dome, although from ancient examples such as the Pantheon, they knew it could be done.  So confident it would someday happen, they built the cathedral and left the dome spot empty.  In the 1400s, Bruneschelli made it happen!

Inside of the Duomo

Famous bronze doors of the Duomo's baptistry designed by Ghiberti.  

Rape of the Sabine Woman

Michelangelo's David - wow, so big in real life!

Aaron wanted a pic with this Renaissance rugby man 

Looking down on Florence as the sun set 

Gorgeous city of culture

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