Sunday, July 1, 2012


Our last night in Switzerland, we left our little mountain haven and found a hostel closer to the train station.  We were leaving for Germany the next morning, so it made sense to get a cheaper bed and head out early.  Oh my.  We weren't quite expecting Crazy Heidi Hostel's (adjective added by us), a strange mixture of preschool decor and old lady smell, overseen by Crazy Heidi herself.  We sank down on those multicolored beds and reminded ourselves that "it's just for one night."

Crazy Heidi's 

After Switzerland, we rode a train up into the southern part of Germany.  This was the one part of the trip where we weren't totally sure where we were going.  We had a room reserved, but it was in the countryside close to Neuschwanstein Castle.  The Google map left a little to be desired, so Aaron picked the train station he thought was closest, and we hopped off.  I had tried to teach him a little German, but some things take repetition...he saw a older German lady and boldly marched up to her.  "Speaka si English?" he blurted out, and I just about died laughing.  The meaning transcended the Germglish, however, and with a few more hand motions, he secured us a ride into town.  It was a priceless moment, one I wish I had on video, for I would surely watch it every night.

On the train to Germany

iPod Boggle kept us entertained 

After a lot of wandering around, we finally found our Ferien Wohnung (vacation apartment), and after Crazy Heidi's, it was a dreamland!  We had our own kitchen, a clean, bright bathroom, the most comfortable bed of the trip, and a killer view.  The hosts were so kind to us, even giving us a ride to Neuchwanstein the next morning, when the rain caught up with us again.

The Bavarian Alps surrounding our apartment

Cooking our own food

We didn't have to share the bathroom with anyone!

Sweet sunset

Our visit to nearby Neuschwanstein Castle was cut short by the rain.  At this point, I had a minor breakdown reminiscent of my 12 year old reaction to hiking in the Appalachians during rain.  "WHY are we hiking?  I am so wet!  I hate being wet!  The rain is ruining everything!"  Definitely not my most mature moment.  Aaron faithfully held the umbrella and wisely commiserated in silence.

Despite the rain, I got the see the castle I've dreamed of seeing since 9th grade in Frau Roller's room

After two peaceful days, it was time to move onto Munich.  We spent one quick day in Munich.   We had enough time to visit Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp, and wander around Munich.  Aaron even got to watch Germany beat the Netherlands at a outdoor cafe.

Hopping the train again

The gate of Dachau, inscribed with the words "work makes free"

Square in Munich

Throwing it down for M-town

This trip introduced us to so many statues

We left Munich around midnight, bound for Venice on a sleeper train.  In Italy, we would find great gelato and lots of sunshine.  But that is another tale.  

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