Monday, July 23, 2012

A Day in the Life: San Juan Mountains Edition

So what does our life look like here in Colorado on a daily basis?  I thought it would be fun to photograph a typical day.  Most days here are a variation on this same theme, which is a monotony that carries none of the usual connotation of the word.  I love this schedule.  Simple, beautiful, and lots of space to breathe.

7:00 am
Wake up and trudge downstairs.  (We live with the couple that own the soda fountain where we work.  Two other girls live here as well.)  If I am the first girl awake, I put the morning coffee on, and then sit in the solarium (a fancy word for a room with lots of windows) for Jesus time.  This spot on the couch is my usual:

Can you tell that our host, Carol, really likes blue?  

8:00 am
Breakfast time!  This morning, I make granola.  Baking in Carol's kitchen is such a treat.  Our cozy little kitchen at home has one big downfall, and it is spelled s-p-a-c-e.  There's lots of room to spread out in this kitchen.  

There's enough counter space to lay down and take a nap! 

10:00 am
Take my book outside and read for a while.  The higher altitude means the sun's rays are more intense, which means I acquire a tan at an accelerated pace!   Doubletasking, done.   Summers in Lake City are my favorite time to read.  I consider it a patching of my college education.  (The holes are my fault, not the college's or faculty's...but more to come on that in a later post.) 

11:00 am
Come inside to get ready for the day.  I'm working the 1-9 shift today, hence, the leisurely morning.  Am greeted by this puppy dog inside, who is actually no longer a puppy but a sweet 12 year old dog who we are afraid is suffering from cancer.  She keeps getting skinnier and skinnier.  Poor pup.  Sierra has been mine and Aaron's faithful hiking companion in the past, and we were sad to find she can no longer keep up this year.   The whole house is giving her lots of treats and extra attention.  We're gonna make her last days enjoyable!

12:30 pm
Begin the walk to work.  It is 2 miles and usually takes about 30 minutes.  There is one section I call the "Good Samaritan hill" because its craggy rocks remind me of the road I always imagined in the parable of Jesus.  I am not afraid that marauders and thieves will leap out upon me, but I am a little afraid that I might someday meet a black bear or mountain lion.  This stretch is devoid of cabins, so I always sing at the top of my lungs.  Either the Doxology or This is My Father's World.  Just reminding those wild creatures who they belong to.

1:00 pm
Arrive at work.  May I introduce you to the San Juan Soda Company, purveyor of fine gifts and maker of old fashioned ice cream treats?  We still make chocolate sodas like they used to.  (I really have no idea what that is like, but our older guests assure us we're keeping the tradition alive.)

Inside the fountain, I find my handsome hubby, already hard at work on his shift.  The picture below was taken during a rare empty moment.  It's not uncommon in July to have lines out the door.  I'll spend the next eight hours mixing drinks and scooping ice-cream behind that counter.  Can you spot the green shake machine?  An explosion is bound to happen at some point, spraying flecks of ice-cream across my shirt and that of anyone who is within two or three feet.

9:15 pm
After closing down the shop, I drive home (car was already in town) and find our little household tucked into comfy spots, reading and talking.  We spend the nights chilling like this, playing games, or in the solarium watching a BBC movie.  Perfection.  :)

10:30 pm
We watched another 30 minutes of Great Expectations, but now eyes are getting droopy and it's time for bed.  We share the upstairs bathroom with the the girls, and we have taken to brushing and flossing every night together.  Now that is community!  A few last laughs among the toothpaste spits, and we're off to bed!  Another great day in the mountains.


  1. Love this! So many fond memories, Lara! Thanks for sharing...took me on a walk down memory lane. Miss you!

  2. I'm a recent subscriber to your blog and I'm glad to be in touch with your life again, Lara. This is an especially favorite post. It seems quite a blissful and restoring place.