Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Still truckin...

Our trip is almost over, and I haven't posted about half of it!  Internet has been hard to come by, and when we do have it, it's just on our little iPod touch.  Tonight I have access to a real computer...it has a keyboard...it's pretty cool, y'all.  Although foreign keyboards are different.  I guess the Italians don't use the apostrophe very often, because it is in a very strange place.

I was going to try to catch you up on Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, but this computer, however well-endowed with a keyboard, is severly lacking in the swift upload department.  So I will leave you with this picture of my dear hubs in Basel.  What a guy to travel the world with.  Never ever gets lost, knows International Hand Signs like nobody else, and demonstrates enormous longsuffering with his wife who is apt to complain of being hungry, having blisters, getting tired, and the like.  What a guy, what a guy.

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