Friday, May 25, 2012

France in 3 days

We left Paris this morning, and although we packed quite a punch into our three-day tour, I had the sad feeling that there was much left unseen and undone.  Maybe we'll get back another time?  :)  In the end, all's well--we were getting a little tired of the Parisians snubbing our Chacos.  I wondered about every ten yards why I didn't pack a cute pair of ballet flats in the one backpack I took for a month. Oh yeah.  Because I took one backpack and we're walking a gazillion miles.   But those impeccable, stylish, haute French.  They don't give ya any leeway on the footwear scene.  

Here are a few highlight pictures, because we've already taken over 200, and I'm guessing even our most dedicated friends don't want to see that slideshow.

Walking along the bridges of the River Seine was dreamy

The Concierge - amazing old medieval arches and also a prison during the Revolution

Notre Dame definitely overwhelmed us with her grandeur

Napolean's Arc de Triumphe is huge

When we first got to the Eiffel Tower, it was foggy, but we stayed around long enough to eventually see the whole thing

Had to pay a visit to Mona in the Louvre

Last day in France we took a day trip to Giverny, site of Monet's home and garden

The immortalized water lilies of Monet (a giggling French high schooler took this photo for us)

After Giverny, took the train to the coastal town of Dieppe

Marveled at the old castle overlooking the beach (old old things never cease to amaze me, and they're everywhere over here)

There's France in a quick recap.  We made it into Turkey about 4:30 this afternoon, off the airport escalator and into the arms of my sis and her fam.  There were tears.  We've got some fun adventures planned for this leg too, trips to Cappadocia and Istanbul.  More updates to come!  But for now I have to go enjoy sleeping in a bed that's not in a hostel room with 10 other peeps.  :)


  1. Ok. Number one. I'm liking your bangs...and I'm not just sayin' that. Number two. Your pic in front of the eiffel tower is lovely! Quite dreamy. And I waved hello to the scarf. Number three. You guys look like such cute seasoned travelers and I love it! Number four. This might be one friend that wants to see every pic. I will just scroll quickly. Thanks for the updates!

  2. hi! Im reading your blog for a while. Im from Turkey, so when i heard that you are visiting Tukey i want to say that i hope you'll have a nice trip :) im sure you are gonna love Istanbul. Im looking forward to reading your comments for Turkey. Have fun! :)