Sunday, May 13, 2012

A day for my mother

I'm convinced that my mom's life is a miracle of God.  

I've been typing and backspacing for fifteen minutes now, trying to figure out how to tell my mom's story yet preserve the dignity of those I have loved.  How to tell the truth which magnifies the redemption.  Yet in the end, it is not my story to tell.  

She is one of eight kids, and her childhood was filled with pains that my sister and brother and I have never had to experience.  I've heard the stories.  Now that I am older, I know some of the stories have probably been left unspoken.  There are some hurts that do not need retelling.  

And then there was Jesus.  Jesus, the turning point of all stories which begin with an ache but end with glory.  My mom was smart, and she got a scholarship to college, and she left the town of coal mines.  And just as He did for Israel in Isaiah 54, God threw open the boundary lines of my mom's life and gave her a new inheritance.  

One of my earliest memories of mom is where I would find her upon waking.  She was always on the living room couch, Bible laid open.  Some mornings, she was kneeling beside the couch, and I would tiptoe back to bed, knowing something was in progress that I shouldn't yet disturb.  

She prayed for us.  She prayed for my dad.  She prayed for her home, that it would be godly.  She spoke it to us often, how deep her desire was to have a godly home.  The very antithesis of the one she had known.

Oh Mama, how the Lord has given you the desire of your heart.

I am so thankful for you, Mama.  For your gentle heart of compassion and service.  For the way you can talk to anyone and everyone.  For how your table is always open to one more.  For the Truth you clung to and taught us to love.  For the unending intercession you have offered up on our behalf.

I see Grace flung near and far over you, Mama.  You have believed in a heavenly Father who is everything your own dad was not, and you have not been disappointed.  His faithfulness to you has birthed your faithfulness to us, and now, your children stand up and call you blessed.

Sister, we missed you muchly.  :)


  1. Just read your blog and I was blessed. I love momma stories. I invite you to join my blog. I am listing 1000 things to be thankful for. My mother died in 2000 and not a day goes by I think of her. I am also on under Mary Kay Nussbaum. Have a super day and thanks for sharing. New friend from Texas.

  2. Lara, This was very touching. I believe you captured the beauty of your Mother and your love for her. You moistened my eyes. The line about your Mother's story being one you should tell in its entirety is similar to one I read in a Frederick Buechner book. He wrote it concerning his daughter. I have one minor correction. She came from a land of "lead", not coal. This is minor, and who would know except those who are from there. Thank you Lara for blessing me. Uncle Dave