Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Begin day 2 in Paris

Well we've made it over the pond. Let's just say, sleeping on a plane is not ideal.
We got in a little before noon, found a luggage locker in Gare du Nord and headed out. First stop: Sacre Coeur. Climbing the stair, dodging street venders trying to put bracelets on your wrists, we turned to find the hazy landscape known as Paris. And Sacre Coeur is gorgeous. However, we were more overwhelmed by the beauty of Notre Dame. Pictures can do little justice to describe the God praising awe. While you feel so small, you are capture by the light floating across the buttresses, pointing your eyes toward heaven.
After reading Tale of Two Cities, we had to visit the Concierge where many were imprisoned during the French Revolution including Marie Antoinette. Surreal to touch walls and walk on stones with so much history.
Today we try to see the Eiffel Tower, some jardins, Arc, and finish with the Louvre. Then we take a day trip up to Giverny and the coast.
Good night America, good morning Paris.
Pictures from the plane and our hostel.


  1. Did you catch my response on your Facebook post? We found out that this Eurotrip is all just a hoax to cover Aaron's trying out for the Chiefs.

  2. Yeah! You made it! Thanks for the pics. Thinking about you guys and excited to see more!