Saturday, March 3, 2012

What We Wore Wednesday

In the world of women's blogging, there is a certain phenomenon called What I Wore Wednesday. Women link up to a blog party every Wednesday, and they document what they wore the week previous.

I love looking at the outfit ideas. There are some very creative and stylish ladies out there. The blogs that highlight thrifting finds are my favorite, because a good part of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores.

But then I think about actually posting pictures of my outfits, and I feel silly. My dad and grandpa read my blog. It's just a hunch, but I don't think they're looking for good outfit ideas.

This week (on Wednesday, oddly enough), we were all dressed up for a night away. I was wearing turquoise skinny jean corduroys, found at a thrift store for a dollar. Aaron was wearing a button-up shirt. We looked all kinds of different than our daily garb.

It was picture time.

Who knew acting natural does not come naturally? Those fashion blogging women make it look so easy.

I call this one "Gesundheit."

"Look, a Bird"

"And This Is France"

"Or Maybe It's Portugal"

Aaron had some great poses too.

"Teenage Angst"

"The Swagger"

"To the Left, Now Slide, Baby, Slide"

"The Quarterback"

When you've found your true calling in life, it makes for a great day. Don't want to brag, but I think we may have just found ours. Give us a couple months, but we'll probably be in the fall J Crew catalog.

And you knew us when it was just What We Wore Wednesday.

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