Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Dump

Time for a photo dump. Pictures from life lately.

First up, we love games! Games are our mutual married hobby, the one we both equally enjoy. That's good I guess...good that we have one mutual hobby. :) The other week, we had a game marathon where we played five of our favorite games. Glorious!

Aaron plotting his next move for Ticket to Ride. LOVE this game. One of our favorites. We have seriously been playing this game non-stop since August.

I am doing some weird move while we play Set. My sister and her husband introduced us to this game, and it takes some serious concentration on my part. I am not a logic/pattern person.

I will leave you in suspense over who won the night's event...

One of those days where you need to make a chocolate cake. Just because.

And then balance it the next day with burrito bowls. We eat this meal almost every week. Easy and healthy. Layer beans, rice, spinach, meat of choice, veggies, salsa, etc. in a deep bowl, and dig in. Yum.

I made a baby quilt for our friend Brittany.

Then we went to see the baby. Do we look ready for this parent thing? (No comments from potential grandparents.)

I made a dress. I have never before made a piece of clothing I would actually wear in public, but I think this might be it? Tons of great tutorials out there, google "tank top dress tutorial".

A little Spring Break hiking with some kids we love.

And lastly, a little phrase I wrote out to help me remember:


  1. I have several comments to this post. :)
    1) We love games too, but don't know of many good games for 2 people to play. Please share all your favorites!
    2)Love the quilt. Precious. And Seth grew up in Topeka, went to church with Nick Eilert, and knew Brittany too. Funny, small world.
    3)You guys looks like naturals with the baby.
    4)Love the tank top dress. I am wanting to make one, just finishing other projects first. Did you use elastic thread, or regular thread? And I love the ruffle detail on the top. I think I might have to borrow that idea when I get around to making one.

    Okay, was that enough? :)

  2. Dearest Dear.
    That quilt was impressive!!! I love that you are insanely busy and yet you are cranking our numerous crazy -impressive domestic feats. Wear that dress this summer at the soda fountain!!!! Can't wait to see it in person. Love you lots. Sorry I missed your call. I have several things to catch you up on that will explain why I am NEVER home these days!