Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding W

Wednesdays are our adventuring days. (They're also our days to wear skinny jean corduroys and perfect our modeling skills, remember?)

I could write a sonnet to extol the virtues of Wednesday. Many are its beauties.

If we're going to do something spontaneous, it will probably happen on Wednesday.

If we're going to have a date night, it will probably happen on Wednesday.

If we're going to paint something, thrift something, sew something, create something, it will probably happen on Wednesday.

For this season of life, Wednesday is our Sabbath. Our work with K-Life extends into every other day of the week, but on Wednesday, we cut off the work. Turn off the phone. Say no without shame. It is a glorious rest day, and we return to Thursday ready to tackle the busiest part of our week.

A few Wednesdays ago, we went on a treasure hunt. While riding bikes with his small group guys, Aaron discovered an abandoned railroad sign. I love antiques, especially chippy, worn, and abandoned (aka free) antiques. Only problem? The sign was attached to a seven foot pole. I don't know why he just didn't strap it to his back and pedal it home.

Solution: return on a Wednesday with wife and car. And it's a good thing I came along, because we all know my muscles are an invaluable asset in wrenching signs off poles.

Did I mention that this sign was a "W"? Our last name starts with w! Gold strike!

Got my railroad cap on, and I'm ready to go. This picture is totally posed, even though I want you to think that Aaron follows me around like my personal paparazzi.

Aaron is not posed, because sometimes I do sorta follow him around like his own personal paparazzi.

We came to the site with our tools. To remove your own antique sign from a pole, you'll need a ratchet set. The cute husband is also helpful.

We believe in division of labor. Aaron's job was to twist the rusty bolts as hard as he could. My job was to hop around on the rocks and take pictures.

In-between hefts, Aaron just couldn't help playing the paparazzi role again.

The bolt removal was slow. As in, nothing was budging those rusty guys.

Aaron laid down next to the pole, and we ascertained that it was indeed close to seven feet long.

"I think we've fit seven foot long things in our car before, babe," I said.

"Um," Aaron said.

"Let's just take the whole thing home!" I suggested.

"Maybe." He was clearly warming up to the idea.

And that is how we ended up with a seven foot pole in our compact Honda Civic.

Although I attempted to be very thorough in my photo documentation of this process (consider it a DIY tutorial), I neglected to take any pictures of the week long WD-40 steeping. If you're trying this at home, here's the step-by-step:

1. Lug signpost to shed.

2. Apply liberal amounts of WD-40 to rusty bolts.

3. Repeat daily, or however often you think of it.

4. After a week, try to unscrew bolts again.

5. Magically, one day, a perfectly chippy W sign will appear on your mantel.

6. Hug your husband, and recommend that Pottery Barn hire him to source their line of "found objects."

What great things Wednesdays bring.


  1. Love the gray and yellow theme on your mantel and LOVE your "W" sign. You are the best decorator I know!

  2. You guys are so cute! LOL! I love your "W" and the fact that you have a husband that will accompany you on your scavenging trips is amazing! :)