Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Dump

Time for a photo dump. Pictures from life lately.

First up, we love games! Games are our mutual married hobby, the one we both equally enjoy. That's good I guess...good that we have one mutual hobby. :) The other week, we had a game marathon where we played five of our favorite games. Glorious!

Aaron plotting his next move for Ticket to Ride. LOVE this game. One of our favorites. We have seriously been playing this game non-stop since August.

I am doing some weird move while we play Set. My sister and her husband introduced us to this game, and it takes some serious concentration on my part. I am not a logic/pattern person.

I will leave you in suspense over who won the night's event...

One of those days where you need to make a chocolate cake. Just because.

And then balance it the next day with burrito bowls. We eat this meal almost every week. Easy and healthy. Layer beans, rice, spinach, meat of choice, veggies, salsa, etc. in a deep bowl, and dig in. Yum.

I made a baby quilt for our friend Brittany.

Then we went to see the baby. Do we look ready for this parent thing? (No comments from potential grandparents.)

I made a dress. I have never before made a piece of clothing I would actually wear in public, but I think this might be it? Tons of great tutorials out there, google "tank top dress tutorial".

A little Spring Break hiking with some kids we love.

And lastly, a little phrase I wrote out to help me remember:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Camping in the Backyard

On almost every balmy --or even semi-warm--night, Aaron turns to me as we're getting out of the car to go into the house.

"This would be a perfect night to go camping."

It's become an joke in our marriage. When it's freezing, and we're bundled in heavy coats, hands bound in bulky gloves, I tease him, "Isn't it a perfect night to go camping?"

Oh how he loves to camp. Oh how I love a warm bed with soft sheets. Do you see the impasse?

Last night, I finally camped with the boy. We had planned a trip to a camping site close to our house, but in the end, even a 20 minute drive just felt like too much.

Off to the backyard it was. A man's tent is his castle.

We had a planning session for our upcoming trip to Europe. Planning by light of headlamp and the glow of the laptop feels super special.

I never did learn to hold a pencil the correct way. Homeschooled.

Jotting down names in a tent in Missouri. Feeling like a little kid playing at imagination.

We paged through Lonely Planet's cheapskate guide to Europe and imagined Giverny, Paris, Interlachen, Munich, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, and Rome. Wrote down destinations next to dates, and laughed, knowing that our plan will probably fall through and we might get lost multiple times, but we'll have some stinkin' good gelato and we'll be together.

Tonight, together in a tent.

In June, together in the continent of romance.

Deep sigh of contentment and amazement.

All is grace.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding W

Wednesdays are our adventuring days. (They're also our days to wear skinny jean corduroys and perfect our modeling skills, remember?)

I could write a sonnet to extol the virtues of Wednesday. Many are its beauties.

If we're going to do something spontaneous, it will probably happen on Wednesday.

If we're going to have a date night, it will probably happen on Wednesday.

If we're going to paint something, thrift something, sew something, create something, it will probably happen on Wednesday.

For this season of life, Wednesday is our Sabbath. Our work with K-Life extends into every other day of the week, but on Wednesday, we cut off the work. Turn off the phone. Say no without shame. It is a glorious rest day, and we return to Thursday ready to tackle the busiest part of our week.

A few Wednesdays ago, we went on a treasure hunt. While riding bikes with his small group guys, Aaron discovered an abandoned railroad sign. I love antiques, especially chippy, worn, and abandoned (aka free) antiques. Only problem? The sign was attached to a seven foot pole. I don't know why he just didn't strap it to his back and pedal it home.

Solution: return on a Wednesday with wife and car. And it's a good thing I came along, because we all know my muscles are an invaluable asset in wrenching signs off poles.

Did I mention that this sign was a "W"? Our last name starts with w! Gold strike!

Got my railroad cap on, and I'm ready to go. This picture is totally posed, even though I want you to think that Aaron follows me around like my personal paparazzi.

Aaron is not posed, because sometimes I do sorta follow him around like his own personal paparazzi.

We came to the site with our tools. To remove your own antique sign from a pole, you'll need a ratchet set. The cute husband is also helpful.

We believe in division of labor. Aaron's job was to twist the rusty bolts as hard as he could. My job was to hop around on the rocks and take pictures.

In-between hefts, Aaron just couldn't help playing the paparazzi role again.

The bolt removal was slow. As in, nothing was budging those rusty guys.

Aaron laid down next to the pole, and we ascertained that it was indeed close to seven feet long.

"I think we've fit seven foot long things in our car before, babe," I said.

"Um," Aaron said.

"Let's just take the whole thing home!" I suggested.

"Maybe." He was clearly warming up to the idea.

And that is how we ended up with a seven foot pole in our compact Honda Civic.

Although I attempted to be very thorough in my photo documentation of this process (consider it a DIY tutorial), I neglected to take any pictures of the week long WD-40 steeping. If you're trying this at home, here's the step-by-step:

1. Lug signpost to shed.

2. Apply liberal amounts of WD-40 to rusty bolts.

3. Repeat daily, or however often you think of it.

4. After a week, try to unscrew bolts again.

5. Magically, one day, a perfectly chippy W sign will appear on your mantel.

6. Hug your husband, and recommend that Pottery Barn hire him to source their line of "found objects."

What great things Wednesdays bring.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What We Wore Wednesday

In the world of women's blogging, there is a certain phenomenon called What I Wore Wednesday. Women link up to a blog party every Wednesday, and they document what they wore the week previous.

I love looking at the outfit ideas. There are some very creative and stylish ladies out there. The blogs that highlight thrifting finds are my favorite, because a good part of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores.

But then I think about actually posting pictures of my outfits, and I feel silly. My dad and grandpa read my blog. It's just a hunch, but I don't think they're looking for good outfit ideas.

This week (on Wednesday, oddly enough), we were all dressed up for a night away. I was wearing turquoise skinny jean corduroys, found at a thrift store for a dollar. Aaron was wearing a button-up shirt. We looked all kinds of different than our daily garb.

It was picture time.

Who knew acting natural does not come naturally? Those fashion blogging women make it look so easy.

I call this one "Gesundheit."

"Look, a Bird"

"And This Is France"

"Or Maybe It's Portugal"

Aaron had some great poses too.

"Teenage Angst"

"The Swagger"

"To the Left, Now Slide, Baby, Slide"

"The Quarterback"

When you've found your true calling in life, it makes for a great day. Don't want to brag, but I think we may have just found ours. Give us a couple months, but we'll probably be in the fall J Crew catalog.

And you knew us when it was just What We Wore Wednesday.