Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 cupcakes are better than 1, and spring is nice too

I am always wistful to see the day slip. Our little house gets a lot of light, and at certain points in the day, the rooms seem to glow. Light feels like spring, and I don't want this almost-spring day to fold into the winter of night.

Before I left work today, I bought two cupcakes. One for me, one for Aaron. You see, we have tea together when I get home from work. It is our connecting time before we plunge into the craziness of our night, and yes, I probably got the idea from Downton Abbey. Well, lo and behold, I walked in the front door, and there is no Aaron. I walked around the house calling for him, which takes about 10 seconds. Our house is small, and I'm pretty sure the walking around part was extraneous. I could stand at the front door and say something, and he would hear me from any of the other four rooms. 10 seconds later, still no Aaron. I called his cell phone. He was at a friend's house watching the KU game.

So what was there to do but eat both cupcakes? I ask you, can you think of any other possible solution? Then I ate a Lindt truffle. I was then presented with a fork in the road. And I ate more chocolate with it. Cliche figure of speech, bad joke. Check, check. The choices? Stay on the couch with the truffles or take a walk.

The almost-spring day with lots of sun won.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks naked trees are so very beautiful?

The first daffodil!

Here is what happens when I take pictures for the blog. I end up taking pictures of twelve-ish random things, with each click thinking, "oh! I can put that on the blog." Great idea, until I have twelve random pictures with no good way to transition between them. Therefore, I give to you the kitchen curtains I made Wednesday.

The curtains seem like spring too, don't they? There. I knew I could connect it all somehow.

And with that, my friends, good night.

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  1. The curtain material is fabulous! Perfect fit. Oh, and so you know, every time I see gray paint I think of you...and your dining room. The March issue of Better Homes and Gardens has some rockin' gray paint colors.