Wednesday, December 7, 2011

sprucing the house

Linking up to Melissa's Christmas Home Tour!


Sprucing the house...for Christmas! Get it? Spruce...a type of evergreen tree? Sprucing...putting out decorations? So funny, right? If you could please laugh now, that will make the awkward moment after a weird joke so much shorter.

Thank you.

(The pun would be even better if our Christmas tree was a spruce; alas, it is a pine.)

Very well.

The house is ready for Christmas. I love it. I love adding touches of Christmas all over the house. It takes me a couple of days or even a week. I have one box of Christmas decor and other than that I use stuff from our yard (sticks, pinecones, greenery), and I tweak and fluff and spruce (last time, promise) until I like the way everything looks. Natural, simple, and best of all, not expensive.

If you're looking for ideas or just like looking at other people's houses (I do), here's our Christmas tour.

I added some new ornaments to our collection this year. I think found the Scrabble ornament idea on a blog. I had a bag of old Scrabble tiles, so I hot glued them together to make words like light, adore, joy, hope, peace, king.

I borrowed this idea from Heather, who I think found it on Pinterest. Why I would spend time covering ornaments in fabric and twine was a great mystery to Aaron. But he told me it was pretty anyway. :)

The full body shot. Our tree skirt is a piece of burlap that I pull and tuck until it looks nice.

I took the leftover branches that we cut off the bottom of the tree and wove them into this grapevine wreath, along with some faux red berry strands.

Across our piano, I did a simple banner with twine, mini clothespins, and old letter cards from the game Probe.

On top of the piano I put cranberries and white candles in mason jars. Pottery Barn had a similar look at their store with small glass lanterns. I already had the mason jars, so I improvised.

If you try this, use tealights that are contained in a plastic or metal case. Votives by themselves will get you this:

Sort of looks like frost, eh?

Along the fireplace mantle, I swooped a garland I made out of paper circles. I saw the idea at Anthropologie. I think they must have used much thicker stacks of circles, because their stacks fanned out more than mine. I was hand-cutting my circles, though, and I didn't want to cut that many!

A grouping on one side of the mantle. The puzzle is an Ansel Adams picture.

My personal philosophy on poinsettias is a little goes a long way. But this little guy is the perfect touch of red for the entryway.

My friend Kyndel had the idea to make snowflakes out of old clock hands we found while antiquing in October. Love it!

This sign is a free printable from Jones Design Company.

Doilies have made a comeback. Our little lacy friends are once again in vogue. And I think they look like snowflakes, which means I'll probably leave them around until February.

I know this looks like a big bunch of branches. It is. But look closer. There's a Christmas card! Way to go Grandpa and Grandma on being the first Christmas card to reach us! I got the idea of hanging our cards from branches from Martha Stewart. So no hatin'.

Some other little spots around the house, sporting a touch of Christmas cheer...

Let's keep it totally real...

Whop, whop. I dropped the vase that the branches were in while I was talking to my mom on the cell phone. And there's my glue gun cord. And a left-behind branch.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. keeping it real...last night one of my giant mercury globes rolled right off of the glad I got the pic before it hit the floor. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ha! I enjoyed your humorous commentary as much as the tour, thank you for the laughs today and the look at your pretty decor too :-)