Sunday, December 4, 2011

our thanksgiving: in list

We drove north last week to celebrate Thanksgiving for four-stretched-out lovely days.

1. I did the best job packing I have ever done. Thorough. (I cannot tell you how many times we have had to stop to buy various toiletries or undergarments that I forgot to pack.) Creative. Ahead of time. I decided to lay out all my outfits piece by piece. It was really fun, and I realized how many cute clothes I do own! Another perk of No-spend November.

2. We spent Thanksgiving day at Aaron's grandma's house. His step-grandpa, Dennis, always fries up something delicious to munch on before the meal. This year it was frog-legs and alligator. A little exotic spin on the traditional fare, no?

3. On Friday, we traipsed about a Christmas tree farm to cut down a tannebaum for Aaron's parents' house. What a fun tradition--and it's a lot easier to watch your strong husband saw through a trunk than to fluff fifty-jillion faux tree branches. It's official. I've passed over to the "real tree" side.

4. Saturday morning, we got some reading and online Christmas shopping done at Gusto, a fun coffee shop in Lee's Summit. Daily coffee fix, check.

5. We spent our last night at ALoft, a modern hotel in Leawood, Kansas. It was nice, but a little too modern for my taste. Too much gray can be a bit depressive.

6. A fancy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory was a fail, due to a 1.5 hour wait list. Since we had tickets to the symphony, we opted to grab cheesecake to-go. As for dinner, what better Plan B than Denny's? (Also the only restaurant in near proximity to the symphony hall.) Delicious food. We might have been a little overdressed.

7. The symphony was amazing. Kansas City just completed a new symphony hall, and it was majestic. The music, a compilation from Russian composers, led us through a gamut of emotions from elation to dread (as most classical music has the capacity to do).

8. On Sunday, we flew through a flurry of amazing shops: World Market, Anthropologie, Target, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel. Result: ample Christmas decorating inspiration and all of our Christmas shopping done! (Daddy, remember our online shopping, lest ye think we bought your gift at the aforementioned. )

9. We pulled into Bolivar just in time to have chili at my parents' house. After dinner, my mom asked us to help set up and decorate her tree. It's been a tradition for the last couple years to play in the Christmas tree box with my niece and nephew. As they're gone this year, we promised them pictures of Peter and I doing the same. All was going swimmingly until Peter broke the box.

Classic in-front-of-tree pose. Either a) we're on our knees, b) my mom has a ginormous Christmas tree, or c) we're dwarfs and you never realized it.

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  1. Yeah Post! Great to hear about life and I loved the pics. Let's talk soon best friend!