Monday, October 31, 2011

the Wells come to Bolivar

My best friend came to visit. She brought her best husband. Meet Dannon. They got married last year, and I told you about it in this post.

Together, they hauled along their best dog. Who, incidentally, if you take on a walk, will haul you along. Heel, Zeke, heel!

It was their first visit to our little home. We gave them a good time in Bolivar. If we lived in Chicago, or St. Louis, or even an artsy mountain town, we probably would have taken them to eat at an organic bakery, or a creperie, or a sushi bar. But we live in Bolivar, population 9,600, surrounded by farms and cows. So we took them to the best we've got.


Mickey D's has really stepped up their coffee game the last few years. It ain't half bad. We were more interested in talking than in drinking coffee anyway.

But wait. It gets better. We drove 20 miles west to Stockton to visit the Squeeze Inn, which has the distinction of having been featured on the Food Network. There isn't a better place for a juicy burger with melted cheese oozing out all sides. This is how the Ozarks rolls.

At home, we went through 8 sticks of butter in four days. We're really not quite sure how that happened.

Kyndel shares my love for a good flea market, so we went to some of my favorites. She couldn't believe how cheap things were compared to Coloradan venues. This is why we live in Bolivar. Because I would take cheap treasures over sushi any day.

Other highlights of the visit which we caught on camera included dinner at my mom and dad's house,

watching the Georgia Dawgs beat up on Florida (let's be honest, this was a highlight that Dannon appreciated the most),

watching Aaron perfect some new modeling moves,

and the general giddiness and glee that comes with seeing your best friend who lives 700 miles away.

Highlights not caught in picture but equally sweet: watching movies in our favorite PJ pants, having someone who loves fixing hair around to do my own, walking quiet streets to look at fall colors, warm mugs of wassail and tea glued to our hands.

We love the Wells! We loved our four days spent with them. It's always a little hard to return to real life after a mini-vacation with dearly loved friends.


Y'all come back soon now, you hear?

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