Monday, October 17, 2011

five things

My mom told me the other day that she checks my blog three times a day to she if I've written. I love you, Mom! Moms are great fans. If no one else is reading this little library of thoughts, Mom is.

That being said, I don't have glorious inspiration for this blog post. Just feel the urge to get something else up so all y'all who check three times a day have some new material. :) Aaron has a post in the works, but it's still in the works. Aaron? How's that coming?

Let's go with the number format today.

1. We are currently in the car driving home from Kansas. Is it not amazing that we can get internet in the car?

2. My little brother turned 22. He is awesome. He volunteers with K-Life, and I have it on good authority that at least 70% of the young girls with work with have major crushes on him. He's funny, handsome, polite, and godly. What a guy. Also. When your little bro who is five years younger than you turns 22, you realize you're not in college anymore. This realization is only now becoming clear to me.

3. I've been doing loads of fun fall baking. I made these, which I give a 7/10.

And this, which I give a 9.5/10.

And this, which I give a 8/10.

4. I got a job at the local tea shop. It's a sweet little place, and I work great hours that still allow me to be involved in K-Life. We are saving up all my wages for our World Tour 2012, which I'll have to devote a whole blog post to sometime. That brings me to number...

5. I miss these guys a ton.


  1. Thanks for posting, Lara! It always brightens my day when you do! Those baked goods look yummy, and yes, I miss those little ones so much too! Thanks for the pictures!

    Love, Mom

  2. Well, I don't check 3 times a day, but I always like it when I see an update in my blogroll :-) Whenever we go back to visit AR, we always drive through Bolivar and I always think of you and think of all the people you are blessing by just being Lara!

  3. Hey, Aaron, how is that post coming? Still checking three times a day! :)

    Love, Mom