Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Bucket List

I'm totally stealing this idea from one of the blogs I really enjoy, b*spoke. Bethany, the author of b*spoke, writes a bucket list for each season. I love her lists and her follow-up posts with stories and pictures.

A fall bucket list seems like a great idea to fully live this season, especially when my heart is not entirely present this season. I think my sister accidentally packed about half of it. (Um, sis, could you look around for it?) I want to be here. I want to breathe in and notice the breath. I want to magnify God as I experience His world. I want to show up for my life, not sit outside and wait for the right time to buy a ticket.

Here's the list, simple and full of small things, but He is in all the things; have you noticed?

Fall Bucket List - 2011
  • make pumpkin butter
  • play in leaves
  • go for country drive to look at colors
  • use our firepit once a week
  • take a friend for pumpkin spice lattes
  • write letters with pretty fall themes
  • host a soup party
  • go to a small-town fall festival
  • run another 1/2 marathon
  • make a fall memory book (inspired by this blogger)
  • pick apples

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