Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall 2011

Well, it's Aaron. It has been crazy around here. Crazy in a good way. Cannot believe it is our 3rd year doing K-Life and our 3rd fall Lara and I have been married. So here is a little update on life:

We've planted a sweet garden and the produce has be great. Thanks to the fam for watering during the drought days of summer. We covered our tomatoes during a couple nights of frost and now we have some really orange/red ones ready to pick in the next couple days. There is nothing like eating something you have seen start from seed and now producing fruit and getting to enjoy it.

We are having a beautiful fall. Lara and I went for a walk tonight. Windy but peaceful. There is something about the wind that reminds me of God's workings and ways. Loving the colors and weather.

Now here are some highlights of the past month or so...

Halloween Klub: We were the "Grapes of Wrath". Too bad none of our kids got it. What do they teach in school these days?

Lara inspiring Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Carving with our leaders

The pumpkin rally squirrel makes its appearance

Pumpkins galore

Lara will have to post some of here creations she has made.

Now we are getting ready to see Dannon and Kyndel... finally!

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