Thursday, September 29, 2011


Aaron and I are saving up for a trip to see my sister and her family next summer.

Thinking about saving for the trip has brought some questions to mind about how I spend my money. I'm not a saver. I'm a spender. I always tell people that if I were rich and didn't follow Jesus, I would shop ALL THE TIME. I would buy so many clothes and pretty things that I wouldn't know what to do with them all. I love shopping.

But we're not rich, and I happen to believe in a God who asks us to store up treasure in heaven. So that kind of puts two dampers on the life-long shopping spree idea.

We do have enough wiggle room in the budget for me to shop sometimes. The truth is, I don't buy with very much wisdom or discretion. God is using my desire to visit my sister and my niece and nephew to show me my weakness in this area.

A few questions arose out of all these thoughts. I'm going to ask these questions before I buy.

1. Will I be using this/still think it's cool in a year?

2. Do I want it more than a trip to see Rachel?

3. Do I want it because of a sinful motive (pride, vanity)?

4. Will it foster idolatry in an area I am already weak in?

If you have any more good questions to ask about spending or any good saving tips, send 'em our way!

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